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About us

We are a team of highly qualified professionals coming together as a team to provide unmatched quality and services. We are the early adopters of blockchain technology and we believe in client value creation at the same time maintaining quality as our primary parameter, We are here to help you with all the business related servives and we intent to reduce the hassle of our clients by providing all the services under one roof to keep things simple and organised.

Our Vision

We intend to become the market leader in advanced technology by providing the latest technologies which will simplify our daily task and we want are keen to help service providers to bridge the knowledge gap.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Client Value Creation
  • Quality
  • Accountability
  • Innovation
  • Management Sevices

    Ann and Bounty Thread Designing

    We will help you with professional yet attractive Ann thread and Bounty thread designed by our experts who are best at it. As these are the first impressions of a bounty program and we will leave no stones turned to make it a successful bounty.

    Signature and Logo Designing

    Logo is the first identification of any organization and our experts will design the most unique and meaningful logo for your company , We also help with Signature codes which displays all your contact links to the participants and potential clients and it acts as an advertisement link to your bounty in, Avatar creation and Banners creation for the website.

    Bounty Management Services

    We are here to help you with all the amenities you require to promote your bounty project right from the scratch till the completion of the bounty program, which includes promoting your bounty through the eligible and reputed bounty hunters who will post and share the details about your ICO via their profile and spread awareness about your project to the targeted audience via various bounty programs to rope in the investors using all the possible approach through numerous medium.

    Community /Social Media Management Services:

    We will make your presence felt in the social media and we will be sharing the regular updates about your ICO through various social media platforms to reach the maximum number of people and potential investors. Let us take care of all the queries about the project from the social media users and let us build a positive relationship with the users to keep the group engaged and gain their trust.

    Post ICO Services

    It's not over once the ICO ends, We will be happy to assist you with further process like distribution of funds or rewards, customer support, site support, web designing, social media marketing, further signature campaigns, Etc.

    Paid Promotions/Online Marketing Services

    You don't have to look for a different provider for services like Google Adwords, SEO, SEM, PPC, SMM as we provide all these services to you under one roof.

    Public Relation Services

    Our expertise public relations team will work with media agencies and the various marketing sources to highlight your ICO project in-front of the potential investors and targeted audience.

    Exchange Listing Services

    Our team first contact with the exchange to confirm their requirements. Competition in this area is enormous; more and more new tokens appear every day, and the chance to stand out from crowd is ever slimmer, so we there to highlight you and get listed. We target best exchanges for you based on the below mentioned criteria.

    Search Engine Optimisation

    We use a range of on-page, off-page and social media strategies that help your website to be positioned where you can be seen by your potential customers or clients. We treat your best interests as our best interests and build on result driven blueprints.

    Customer Services

    We are not limited to Crypto, We do provide customer support for various product or services and we are willing to help you with dealing to your customer's queries and complaints and resolve the issue. Let it be Billing, Technical Support, Sales Support, Inbound calls or Outbound calls, Form Filling, Etc.


    Translate your Bounty Thread, Announcement, Website, Whitepaper, One-Pager, Articles and etc to numerous languages. Our expert translators guarantee the quality as quality remains our first priority.

    Escrow Services

    We have experienced and trust worthing escrows who have escrowed more than 1000 BTC, You don't have to worry about the risks involved in your transactions as we offer one of the best and most trusted escrow services in the market at a minimal token of appreciation.

    Development Service

    Website Design Development Services:

    Our experienced development team can develop a professional business website for your company within the agreed SLA at an affordable price. With you every step of the way to ensure we design a website that you love, and develop a website that functions the way your users want it to.

    Android Application

    Having an mobile application is one of the most perfect ways of reaching with your customers and forging a relationship with them. Hiring an application development team is a task you need to approach with punctilious care and calculation. You need a team that has competent designers and developers who can truly understand your vision and business values, and create your dreaming application out of it. We are a team to help you in fulfilling your necessary needs on it. We prepare your Android mobile application design with our advanced technological infrastructure for your target audience.

    IOS Application

    We have a equipped team to give a glorious experience on iOS application upon your expectation. We always have concerns to use the latest technology and components in our every product. Developing apps for iOS has been a growing sector for some time. As the competition on the App Store grew fiercer and the initial infatuation with the devices began to fade, more and more of the lucrative iOS development work came from big businesses requiring a mobile presence.

    Smart Contract

    We will help you to develop and optimise smart contract as we have a dedicated team to work on your project and make sure we take care about the end to end procedures.

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